Searching for a hobby

Shorter post than normal. It’s almost 04:00. The weekend’s drawn to a close. I definitely need some sleep. So of course, what do I do? I pull out my laptop and attempt to write a blog post.

I currently have a few things on my mind whilst I wait for a plan of action from the doctors, and one of the least pressing ones (which incidentally takes up most of my thinking) is that I should find a hobby to start during the chemo process!

Perhaps a little back story on me that you don’t really need, but I have been known to occasionally over-hype potential new hobbies. I’ll watch hours of Youtube videos for said hobby, spend way too much money acquiring the necessary equipment and then finally won’t really go through with it.

But this time it’s different. I can feel it. I can feel it in my enlarged lymph nodes.

The hobby in question is skateboarding. I’ve never skateboarded before, I’m not sure how much balance I naturally possess and I’m not overly keen on grazed knees. It seems pointless asking this question since I don’t think anyone will read this to answer, but is this a little silly? I’m low-key conscious that I’m 27 and maybe a little old to start, so I really need someone to comment below and tell me otherwise.

I have no idea how taxing the chemotherapy will be on my mind and body, and perhaps I’m not giving it the respect it deserves. To re-cap; the chemo will ideally last 6 months, with visits to the hospital once every 2 weeks to be IV-fed some drugs. On the other hand however, it is recommended that I try and remain active throughout.

Is chemotherapy really the right time to be starting skateboarding? Is it silly to start an activity which involves falls and grazes? Will I even have the energy throughout chemo to try and learn how to do it?

A lot of questions. Any answers/insight would be much appreciated.

If I was to set a goal, it wouldn’t be to learn any crazy tricks/flips, but rather to be comfortable on a skateboard. Comfortable enough to cruise around, force someone to record me from their car, stick some indie music in the background and post a video to Instagram/reddit. That isn’t too much to ask for right??

Other potential hobby ideas were to learn a new language (though even the thought of that pre-chemo is slightly tiring) or perhaps take up drawing/painting. Skateboarding however keeps cropping up as the number 1 contender in my mind so far.

Shall I go ahead with it? Do feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts or experiences.

Peace and love,