It’s 03:23 on Tuesday 10th August. I’m currently on day 21 of my stay in Hospital, and you’re probably wondering how I got here right??

To cut a medium story short, I tested positive for Covid-19 in early July, and started having symptoms pretty much straight away. Dry coughs, constant fevers and a nice helping of nausea to top it all off.

I came to A&E on 20th July with Covid as well as another chest infection. Had some X-rays, Blood Tests, IV Antibiotics and after all that I was still discharged. Or so the doctors had thought. Thankfully no one had sought to tell me to pack my bags so, much to the doctor’s surprise the following morning, there I was.

View from the hospital on my first night
The hospital wasn’t ready for this much drip..

Finally, I had a CT scan, and on the 28th July was told that I had enlarged lymph nodes in my chest and spleen, with a good chance of this being a Lymphoma!

I never thought covid could be a blessing but there you go.

Fast forward a few days to 2nd August and I had my much anticipated spleen biopsy. The results can usually take 1-2 weeks to come through, but I have it on good authority (the doctor’s) that this should come through tomorrow. Actually, it’s currently Tuesday morning so, today!

And that’s all of you pretty much up-to-date on my life. In fewer than 12 hours I’ll probably have confirmation on whether or not I have the dreaded C-word.

So stay tuned! And together we can navigate these Cancerous seas aboard the SS Lymphomaniac with our glasses half full and our heads held high.

I should really get to sleep

Peace and love!


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